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Safe Driving Habits for Fall

What Are Some Safe Driving Habits to Build for the Fall Season?

The fall season is upon us, and a hoard of events and festivities has lined up. We might want to visit our friends and family, engage in fun activities, go apple picking or even plan for Halloween. But all that said, the fall season comes with several disadvantages of its own too. For one, the roads are slippery, icy, and dangerous. Not taking the right measures could easily lead to an accident. Therefore, it is important to build some safe driving habits for the fall season before you head out of your house. Read this entry to find some efficacious driving tips for fall and look at our inventory at Bill Alexander’s Flightline Mazda in Yuma, AZ, to drive home the Mazda of your dreams.

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Windshield wiping off the drops of rain

Drive Carefully Around the School Zones

Summer is long gone, and schools have resumed after a hiatus. Naturally, school zones shall be bubbling with students and their wards. You might want to be extra careful this season while dropping your kids at school. The same applies if you are a student and drive yourself to school.

Check for Proper Tire Pressure

Your car’s tire pressure might fall as the air gets colder around you in fall. Therefore, before heading out in your car, ensure that you have checked the tire pressure. Inadequate pressure can lead your car to lose its balance and result in accidents. Use a handheld gauge to check the tire pressure.

Slow Down on Roads that are Extra Damp

One of the most important safe driving habits to develop this fall is the practice of slowing down. Speeding through might seem thrilling. But you are only going to end up hurting yourself. Roads are extremely slippery and wet in fall and your car could lose balance and skid. Therefore, slowing your speed might be a great idea this season.

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Keep Your Sunglasses Handy

No, this isn’t to up your style quotient while driving. The sunglasses are to protect you from the glare, given that the sun moves closer to the horizon in fall. You might want to wear your sunglasses to keep the glare at bay and prevent accidents.

These are a few safe driving habits that you might want to build this season. If you want to get your car serviced in and around Yuma, AZ, visit our dealership and check our gamut of car services.