Moving Forward: All 2022 Mazda SUV’s Will Come Equipped with AWD

Competition among car manufacturers has been heating up as of late. More and more hybrid and electrical models seem to arrive daily, as each company attempts to be ahead of the curve as far as offering consumers more options. However, a recent announcement from Mazda might be one of the biggest moves ever made in the company’s history. All SUVs manufactured in 2022 will come standard with AWD, rather than FWD.

In today’s market, much of the emphasis on mid-sized SUVs has been on fuel economy as more and more vehicles are going electric and the SUV is now the go-to family vehicle. Mazda’s move will allow drivers of their CX-5, CX-9, and CX-30 models to have few obstacles when tackling any task or adventure that may lie ahead. The CX-30 will also come standard with a turbocharged 2.5-Liter engine that boasts 250 HP.  

While there is no projected price yet on the 2022 models, it’s possible that we will see a substantial hike. AWD requires more onboard computers than FWD models do. Because AWD delivers torque to all four wheels rather than the front 2, drive chains are generally more expensive to produce and maintain. A possible disadvantage Mazda faces is balancing this new standard feature with the public’s need for vehicles that are economical in terms of fuel consumption. AWD vehicles tend to get less MPG due to their heavier weight. 

Despite a probable higher price than Mazda’s current models, AWD vehicles tend to have a higher resale value aside from other benefits. AWD works along the same line as 4WD, with all four wheels moving the car forward. This gives the driver better control over the vehicle, especially in difficult terrain and weather. 

Mazda will also have a considerable amount of competition in the AWD department. Makes such as Audi, BMW, and Subaru currently lead the pack in AWD vehicle options. As we’ve seen before, Mazda has always maintained the ability to rise and adapt to any challenge placed upon it by competitors. 

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