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The 2022 Mazda MX-30 on the road

Electric Cars vs. Hydrogen-Fuel Cars—the Better Option for the Planet

Are Electric Cars and Hydrogen-Fuel Cars Good for the Environment?

Global warming is real, and experts believe that we only have approximately 12 years to reverse the damage inflicted on the planet. One way to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the environment is by switching to electric and hydrogen-fuel cars. Studies have been made to understand the implications of these cars. Much to the delight of automobile enthusiasts, both types come across as eco-friendly. That said, read this blog by Bill Alexander Flight Line Mazda in Yuma, AZ, to understand if electric cars and hydrogen-fuel cars are good for the environment.

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A young man getting inside a Mazda EV captured in an aerial shot

A Video Guide to Charging Your Mazda EV

How to Charge Your Mazda Electric Vehicle Easily? 

Wondering how to charge your Mazda electric vehicle as quickly as possible? Watch the short video plugged in here to learn all about it. Charging electric cars could feel cumbersome, especially if you have never done it before or have no clue about it. This video could help you understand the ins and outs of the process and make the task incredibly easy for you. And once you are done watching the video, head over to our inventory at Bill Alexander’s Flightline Mazda in Yuma, AZ, to find a Mazda vehicle of your choice.

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Mazda dashboard with Apple CarPlay®

A Quick Start Guide: Connect Apple CarPlay® to Your Mazda

How to Connect Apple CarPlay® to Your Mazda 

Recently owned a new Mazda but not sure how to stay connected with devices or apps while on the roads? We’ve got you covered! Apple CarPlay™ allows Mazda drivers to access useful apps through the MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system while driving. Continue reading this Bill Alexander’s Flightline Mazda blog post to learn how to connect Apple CarPlay® to your Mazda! 

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2021 Mazda CX-5 with MAZDA CONNECT™

Guide to using MAZDA CONNECT™ voice commands and Bluetooth connectivity

How to use MAZDA CONNECT™ voice commands

All Mazda vehicles come with a variety of safety, infotainment, and connectivity features. One of the most popular features is the Mazda Voice Recognition System. This feature helps the driver to give commands to the vehicle while driving, without having to stop concentrating on the road ahead. The system recognizes the driver’s voice and performs tasks as per the instructions. Read ahead to learn how to use MAZDA CONNECT™ voice commands. Make sure to check out our new vehicles inventory at Flightline Mazda in Yuma, AZ!

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A stock photo of people shaking hands after signing paperwork.

Don’t sign those lease papers until hear about Mazda Protection Product plans

What are Mazda Protection Products? 

There is a lot to love about owning a Mazda vehicle. However, people who choose to take the leasing route in the Yuma area, with the help of a Flightline Mazda product expert could have even more to love. So, what are Mazda Protection Products? Our customers can add very affordable additional protections to their leases, including GAP protection, prepaid maintenance and tire/wheel protection. All of these plans will tack a few dollars each onto a customer’s final monthly lease payment. One of the members of the Flightline Mazda financial team came across these videos that are filled with a lot of helpful information. If you have any additional questions about the leasing process or the protection plans offered by our manufacturing partner, please make an appointment with us today by calling, 866-949-5707.  Read the rest of this entry >>

MAZDA CONNECT™ center display

MAZDA CONNECT™ Power and Reset Controls

How to Turn Off the Radio in Mazda Vehicles

If you own a newer model year Mazda vehicle, your center display uses a MAZDA CONNECT™ system that is designed to help you maintain focus on the road ahead while seamlessly controlling functions inside your vehicle’s cabin. As intuitive as this feature is, you may need a moment to get acquainted with your system’s controls. This guide from the Bill Alexander Flightline Mazda team covers how to turn off the radio, mute/pause audio, and even how to reset your MAZDA CONNECT™ display if needed.

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