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Electric Cars vs. Hydrogen-Fuel Cars—the Better Option for the Planet

Are Electric Cars and Hydrogen-Fuel Cars Good for the Environment?

Global warming is real, and experts believe that we only have approximately 12 years to reverse the damage inflicted on the planet. One way to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the environment is by switching to electric and hydrogen-fuel cars. Studies have been made to understand the implications of these cars. Much to the delight of automobile enthusiasts, both types come across as eco-friendly. That said, read this blog by Bill Alexander Flight Line Mazda in Yuma, AZ, to understand if electric cars and hydrogen-fuel cars are good for the environment.

How Do Electric and Hydrogen-Fuel Cars Function?

Electric and hydrogen-fuel cars do not have internal combustion engines. They run on electricity and therefore, do not burn petrol or diesel. Batteries power electric vehicles, and hydrogen-fuel cars, on the other hand, run on fuel cells. Therefore, no matter what you drive, the carbon emission from these cars is zero.

EVs at a charging station

A hydrogen-powered car runs on the electricity that is produced by the hydrogen fuel cells. However, the power needed to drive the vehicle is already stored in the batteries in electric cars. Therefore, when you think about it, both these types of cars run on electricity. The way this electricity is produced is different.

Which is the Better Option?

You could go for any of these types of cars given that both electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars run on electricity which eliminates the emission of toxic gases. However, you must note that these cars might cost you more than conventional cars. Therefore, you need to plan your budget accordingly.

Electricity is the Way to Go!

Image of a hand plugging in an EV to a charging station

Though hydrogen fuel-cell cars are as good as electric vehicles, they have certain energy efficiency issues. This is not a concern for EVs. Therefore, if you analyze the situation carefully, EVs are definitely the way to go when it comes to energy efficiency and conservation.

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