MAZDA is navigating towards the right 'direction' - and with the assistance of a world-wide GPS navigation company, this becomes a little easier. TomTom is adding to the MAZDA3 and MAZDA5 face lifts (available at Flight-Line Mazda in Yuma, AZ) by supplying navigation devices and futuristic traffic tech.


The Dutch company will furnish these new Japanese vehicles with connection to its navigation system, enabling dynamic routing, which gathers its information from live traffic updates.


Another option is TomTom's Blue&Me LIVE that connects via Bluetooth with any compatible mobile device and media player. The system relies on live camera feeds, current weather updates, and local search to find various points of interest. Right now, this state of the art equipment from TomTom's navigation is only available in Europe, and can be found in the recently launched MAZDA5.


Giles Shrimpton, managing director of TomTom commented: "Due to the success of TomTom's connected navigation product on the Mazda5, I am pleased to see it being rolled out on the new Mazda3 facelift model offering customers a great connected in-dash navigation experience. The navigation technology of TomTom is state-of-the-art and very user-friendly - a perfect fit to our brand and our vehicles."1


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