In early 2012, Mazda will introduce their 2012 Mazda CX-5 at dealerships throughout the country, including Flight-Line Mazda - 1350 E 32nd St in Yuma, AZ. So what makes this crossover stand out?  Excitement for the Japanese auto maker to release this model is high, and just one of the reasons is that it is the first car implementing ultra-high tensile steel in its design. 

You might be wonder what is ultra-high tensile steal and how does it affect me? 

Ultra-high tensile steel will work with a new energy absorbing structure in various parts of the vehicle body. This material will compress and absorb more during a crash, which results in better safety for the driver in case of a crash. In addition, it helps with the handling. 

"Mazda conducted extensive research into how bumper beams deform in a crash, and created a new design that absorbs energy more efficiently," according to one report.1 

The ultra-high tensile steel will be incorporated into front and rear bumper beams. As a result, these bumpers will become 20% stronger, while subsequently weighing in 10.5 pounds lighter. This allows for greater fuel in economy for the CX-5, as well as future vehicles that implement this material, along with the fuel efficient SKYACTIV engine. 

Ultra-high tensile steel will probably be a key player for Mazda throughout the future. 

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